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Are you living your life CONSCIOUSLY?

Everything in life is a CHOICE.

From our thoughts, to our actions... and everything in between.

This may seem blatantly obvious, but so many of us are living completely “unconsciously”, on autopilot, without ever considering whether we’re actually making conscious choices about who we are and how our lives are panning out.

Habitual routines, unchanging perspectives and limiting beliefs keep us in various degrees of a Groundhog Day existence.

More often than not, it takes significant – often intolerable - pain or suffering for us to be jolted into change.

That was certainly me, just a few years ago. More about that here (page coming).

We don’t have to wait for a monumental life event though, to venture beyond unfulfilling or stifling life situations .

The purpose of this site is to share how I’ve been living more consciously – recounting both the progress and the struggles I’ve encountered along the way.

In doing so, it’s my genuine desire to provide pointers for you to reconnect with who you really are. To make choices that will lead to a more joyful, abundant, life and to rediscover your own inner peace.

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June 18, 2020