ABOUT ...loving your life

Excuses, excuses!  That's been me!

This website's been buzzing around my head for some time - several years now, in fact! 

But the compulsion to share my discoveries with you, wherever you are in your life right now, has finally overridden my prolonged procrastination.

WELCOME and thanks so much for being here!

This page isn't so much about me though...

It's more about YOU

...and you loving your life

...and helping you to align with your natural state of inner peace, abundance and joy.

Perhaps you're struggling with something in your life, or maybe you're just a fellow explorer, with a hunger to know more about why we're here and how to make the best of our lives.

Maybe you're new to the idea that we create our reality, or maybe you've been an ever-curious student of these teachings for decades. 

Whether you're an anonymous reader, a friend-to-be, or someone who already knows me personally, it's YOU who's motivated me to finally settle into this tiny spot in cyberspace… with an outstretched hand to you, along the way. 

For anyone who might be interested, there's a brief account towards the end of this page of how I came to be on my spiritual journey.


That's mostly the basis of this website and HOW we go about intentionally creating our reality. 

If you're open to these ideas, there'll be something here for you whether you're new to LoA, or are quite advanced in your knowledge of the esoteric.

Popularity of the Law of Attraction was certainly boosted by the release of the 2006 docu-film, The Secret, undoubtedly sparking more recent interest in these principles.   

LoA's been widely dubbed "New Age". To me though, this is a misnomer that overlooks how enlightened spiritual teachers, leaders, channelers and sages - from ancient times to modern day - have relayed these same messages. It's merely the Law of Attraction term that's "of a new age". 

What you can expect to find here

If you're reading this page whilst this website's in its infancy, or before having read any of the content, the kind of articles to expect will include conversations around:


… and the often unrealised effects that these have in every corner our lives.


… as we navigate our way in this particular lifetime, especially during this time of rapid global awakening.


… to rely on, for the contrasting experiences we all face in life. For riding the wave when life's good, as well as having our own "inner lifejacket" when we're feeling overwhelmed, stuck or caught on a downward spiral.


… covering anything else that feels relevant or helpful, relating to our mind, body and spirit.


I'd like to briefly explain the inspiration for this name…

My desire to do so isn't from an ego-driven place at all, but because the name reflects so much more than initially meets the eye.

My invitation for you to "…live life with choices…" might at first glance seem like a borderline ridiculous and obvious suggestion. After all, we make choices all day, every day. It's an easy and a natural element of everyday life. Even young babies do it… effortlessly.

But of course, this isn't about mundane choices…

…nor, primarily, is it even about bigger choices like whether to change career path, or which house to buy… although those kinds of decisions may start coming up in a whole new, positive and exciting, way.

Financial and lifestyle freedom are buzzwords these days, but the choices I'm referring to go beyond the surface layer of those too. Albeit that those can also turn out to be desirable by-products of what I'm about to explain.

It's about the quieter, more subtle, but infinitely more powerful choices that we aren't even aware we're making, in almost every moment, when we're going about our lives on autopilot.

It's about consciously and deliberately choosing:

  • our thoughts
  • our beliefs and perspectives
  • to let go of our stories
  • to live in the present moment
  • to trust our inner intuitional voice… not our inner critic's voice
  • to take our own path, not one someone else wants for us
  • to stop giving importance to what other people think about us

So you might be thinking:

"But why would I do that... what's the point?"

...because changing our thoughts, perspectives and beliefs
 is the key to changing our lives for the better

There are very few people who aren't held back by limiting beliefs of some sort - and often extensively .

My hope is that the information here might contribute to your discovery that you have all the answers within you and available to you. You just have to tap into them to enhance and transform your life.

Regardless of your age, gender, past or background, if you're open to thinking differently, my posts and articles will be reaching out to you.

My story:

Until the age of 48… I'm 52 as I write this… I'd been held back over the course of my entire life, by a lack of confidence and self-belief. 

My programming, by default, was "I can't do that" in response to just about anything new.  If I didn't already know how to do something - and who does, until they learn - that was my instant reaction.  

Defeatism was my middle name…. and it spouted out its restrictive mantra about pretty much anything that was even remotely challenging.

Unless I was backed into a corner in some way or another, I wouldn't even try.

There have been some occasions when I have had to "feel the fear and do it anyway", as Tony Robbins would say. Not that I was familiar with that wise advice in those days.  I'll leave those stories for another day though.  

Additionally, I'd periodically encountered episodes of overwhelming depression since childhood and in April 2017 I was in the midst of another bout. At that time, I had an online shop, specialising in organic cotton toys, which I was passionate about.  (I still have a few lines available here.) I was passionate about these, but I was just trying to juggle too many balls and was dropping them all.

It was typical for me that once I'd hit a wall, I'd usually find myself in a very dark place extremely quickly.  Often with suicidal thoughts, and this was no exception, despite being blessed with my supportive and loving husband and kids.

Maybe it was the fact that I was 48 and still battling various lifelong "demons". 

This time though, in my latest state of desperation, something different happened. Through a series of events I came upon this material. It really resonated and it's been truly transformational.

I already knew of the Law of Attraction, but didn't really know much about it beyond the most basic concept that "you get what you focus on".  

I certainly hadn't known enough to break old habits and thought patterns.  

Once I started to discover these teachings in more depth, that was it!  The genie was out of the bottle and there was no putting it back!  

Over the past four years, I've been relentlessly studying and learning as much as I can and I can honestly say I'm a very different person to who I used to be.

The saying that goes along the lines of "the more you know, the more you realise how little you know" keeps coming to mind for me.  

I'm certainly finding that to be true, as my spiritual explorations and fascinated curiosity expand.

As Abraham-Hicks says, we never get it done, so I'm just enjoying the journey via the scenic route, without obsessing about the destination.

I wish for you many amazing and awe-inspiring adventures, as life unfolds for you in what I'm confident will be some really wonderful and exciting ways!

Love, Natalie xox