If someone asked you to score your level of self-love out of 10, how would you mark yourself?

Take a moment to actuallly consider what rating you'd give and WHY you picked that score. 

Do you have a strong sense of self-worth?

Quite possibly not.

Most people, sometimes unwittingly - harbour feelings of being not good enough, at least one area of their lives.

Self-love, our beliefs about ourselves and our self-talk are all ingredients in the same pot and they're typically blended together as a result of influences that come from every corner - and every stage - of our lives.

Have you ever thought to ask yourself:

"Am I kinder to someone else than I am to myself?"

Not just in what you do for others, but in what you say to yourself. 

As Dr Wayne Dyer often used to say:

"You can't give what you don't have."

It's also much easier to project our love and benevolence outwardly - and that gets us off the hook of having to look at ourselves.

 So why is it so hard to apply kindness inwardly when it's often effortless directing it towards others?

That question leads us to look at our beliefs, as well as our self-talk.

As I post more articles on this site, it's my genuine desire that amongst my posts, you'll find guidance towards recognising the perfection that you are.  My aim is to help you to develop or enhance your ability to discover so much more of the real you and all that you can do, be or have.

Love, Natalie xox