Gosh, this is another big one!

Our inner critic can be subtly, quietly, deafening! 

Brainwashing even. Without exaggeration.

Our self-talk relays powerful messages which, subconsciously, our mind and body respond to.

How does your inner voice (too often, that reads "inner critic") talk to you?

Do you call yourself stupid when something doesn't go as planned, or if you drop something, or stub your toe, for example? 

Do you tell yourself you can't do something, or that you could never have, do, or be, something you want?

How often do your thoughts berate you?

Have you ever even noticed this happening? As you read this, are you aware where you've picked this up from? Parents, teachers, relationships?

Most of us know this constant background noise of inner chatter, that just doesn't stop providing an opinion about us or what we're doing. 

It doesn't just criticise us either, but it tends to provide an incessant commentary of judgements, imaginary scenarios or replays of previous incidents or events - regularly with soap opera-worthy drama, or maybe keeping traumatic events vividly alive in our minds. 

If you're thinking you could never become aware enough of that voice to change its dialogue, recognise that that's your inner voice telling you that too!

Don't believe it! In fact, don't believe most of your thoughts - unless they're encouraging and based in self-love or grounded in positive beliefs. 

Know that you CAN change your self-talk and silence that inner critic. 

I can reassure you of this with complete confidence because I've done it myself, after almost half a century of self-criticism, that was playing on continuous autopilot. 

When you start to notice what it's saying - and you start realising its potency - you'll start to care about changing it. 

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